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Craving More Grill Chicken?

Not all of us can make the perfect barbecue chicken-some cook them too dry, some get them burned and there are many other errors. It can be frustrating especially if you've been doing this a bunch of times, yet you cannot get it perfectly. Here are some tips to ensure that the next time you cook chicken barbecue, you'll be able to obtain it right.

Cooking barbecue chicken will take hours-2 1/2 to 3 hours at most so to someone who isn't patient enough, you might find this a problem. As much as you would like to see the cooking to do immediately, you shouldn't increase the fire. In fact, during the first hour, you'll hardly notice any cooking being done to the chicken at first since it should only be on slow fire. Gentle cooking should be done, whether it's on gas or electric. If you're using charcoal, you should allow 45 minutes for the charcoal to settle down before you put the chicken on. Cooking will take a several hours but when you savor the end product, you'll definitely be pleased.

There are several ways on how you can cook barbecue chicken. They boil the chicken before they place it on the grill to ensure that the chicken will already be cooked, for some. However, the flavor will only be skin deep. If you want the chicken to have more flavor, it is recommended that you marinate the chicken beforehand. You can marinate it for 60 minutes when at room temperature or you're gonna do it for 48 hours but it has to be refrigerated. Once you place it on the grill, cook it on slow fire, adding the sauce to make it taste even better. Since you have marinated the chicken already, you can be assured that the flavor can be tasted in every region of the chicken.

The reason why some chicken barbecues have a charred look and bitter is because the sauce got burned. The secret to avoiding this error is to slather the sauce only when the chicken is already cooked. It will only need about five minutes, for the sauce to stick to the chicken. Make sure that the fire isn't too hot such that it will play a shiny appearance, not the charred one that you're surely dreading. You have to be very careful also to ensure that the sauce won't be burned and once you see the earliest signs of charring, be ready with the tongs to remove the chicken from the grill.

Here are some recipe ideas if you're to seek ways to cook dishes using chicken breast. You can enjoy a delightful snack, appetizer or main course that features this meaty part of the chicken.

These are but three simple tips but when you keep them in mind the next time that you're making barbecue chicken, the outcome will be what you have always wanted. Take your time when preparing and cooking barbecue chicken, you and your family will certainly be delighted when you serve the outcome of your time and effort.

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